How to play

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  • there are several new photography contests / battles every week
  • choose the ones that you'd like to participate in and prepare your best shots for each battle
  • take a part in as many battles as you want, considering you have suitable pictures matching the topics of the battles
  • your photos must meet the criteria of the battle, otherwise you won't get votes and might be reported by other participants
  • unless otherwise stated, entry to the battle is FREE


  • upload 2 FREE photos per each battle or use your available credits to upload extra photos to increase the chance for higher score
  • out of your pictures, only the one with highest score will be calculated for overall standings and eligible for credit rewards
  • reported photos will be examined and might be excluded from competition
  • uploading new photos is only possible during UPLOAD WEEK (typically Mon-Sun prior VOTING WEEK)
  • changing already uploaded photo for another one is only available for credits


  • when selecting photos for later voting, try to browse through as many pictures as you can to find those really awesome shots
  • no need for blind voting in order to keep your exposure meter full because we don't have such thing
  • fair and responsible voting matters
  • you can give/bet either 1,2,3,4 or 5 votes


  • to achieve the highest possible combined score you need to be a good photographer and a good voter
  • VOTING WEEK is typically Mon-Fri right after the UPLOAD WEEK
  • when voting, take your time and bet more votes on the best pictures in your select in order to earn more voting points or credits
  • the higher the photos you voted for end up, more points/credits you earn
  • you can still vote in battles where you don't have any of your own pictures, giving you the extra chance to earn more points


  • every Sunday the results for the actuall battles come up and the high score board for each battle is ready
  • to become a great champion you need to get very high score for your shots plus for voting in at least 10 different battles
  • on your PERSONAL SCORE BOARD you will see your updated 10 best battles score, 10 best votings score and what's your standing in general classification
For more detailed information please visit FAQ