Frequently Asked Questions


What is this website about?

It is about comparing your photos versus the world, about being photography competition judge and about thrill from betting on photos.

What is evaluated?

All your uploaded photos will be judged by other users and the winning order will be determined by the number of votes earned. At the end only your best 2 photos will count in final evaluation and score calculation. However all of your photos are evaluated when it comes to earning various achievements.

What can I gain in the competition?

You can earn credits, rewards, achievements and prizes and make it up to the Overal Top100 leaderboard.

How often are new battles?

Every week new regular contests are launched.

How long does the battle last?

The regular battle lasts 2 weeks. The first week is the photo upload phase and the next week is the select and vote phase. The last two days have been set for us to do the internal review and announcement of winners. So for you it's 7 days for uploading, then 5 days for browsing and selecting best photos and then voting. Exclusive contests might have longer uploading time range.

What does fair and square mean in this competition?

Means that there is no pressure, upload when you want, vote/bet when you want, no secret tricks to get more votes, all photos have the same exposure or as close as technically possible.

Is it possible to sell my photos through this website?

Not directly, but on your account page you can insert the link to other website, where you already have your store established.

How is this website free if there are also paid contests?

These paid contests are independent from our regular ones. They will NOT affect the scoreboards, they are voluntary and you can actually use the credits you earn in regular contest to enter them for free. Sounds cool, right?

Registration and account

How to create an account?

Creating account is free and easy, just follow the steps after you click on USER button (right side of the menu) or when you try to enter our contest for the very first time. Easy way to create an account is to log-in via Google or Facebook. You will also be given FREE welcome credits.

Can I use my own photo instead of avatar?

Absolutely! Even though we have plentiful selection of various avatars, you can still use a picture of your choice if it complies with terms and conditions of our website.


When can I upload my photos into contest?

You can upload your pictures during upload week (some for free and some for credits). In case you still have enough available slots you can upload also during voting week but only for credits.

How many photos can I upload?

Each contest has some free slots and extra slots for photos. It is good to always fill up at least 2 of those free slots as only the best two of all your photos are included in final evaluation. More photos in contest however give you more chances. Use your credits wisely.

Do I have a better chance of winning when I upload more photos?

Yes, you have better chance of getting a better position, but only the 2 best photos are always evaluated. If say you have uploaded 5 photos and they are placed in ranks 15,16,25,35,112, then only those in 15 and 16 are considered for score calculation however all of your photos are in the game to get various achievements.

What is maximum allowed resolution of picture?

Maximum size is 6000px longer side. (or up to 6000x6000) We strongly recommend to resize the picture to 1920px longer side to avoid possible upload errors.

What is suggested resolution of picture?

Suggested size is 1920px longer side. (or up to 1920x1920). It's good to resize your photo prior uploading.

Do we keep the resolution of uploaded photos?

No, if the photos are too big, they are automatically scaled down for easier storage and manipulation. The quality is kept as close as possible to original.

Can I upload the "free to use" photos I find on internet?

Absolutely NOT! You MUST be the owner / creator of every photo you upload. If reported, you will be banned from our website and/or prosecuted by rightful owner.


How does the select / vote phase work?

This phase consists of two parts. Selecting part, where you browse the photos in contest and pick the ones with best chance to score high or to win. From these selected photos, you then bet your votes (1,2,3,4 or 5) on photos depending on how you like them.

How many photos can I select?

You can select up to 50 photos for free or spend credits for extra 50 slots and for extra chance to win or score high.

Is it possible to select more photos?

Yes, you can use credits in each battle to expand your selection by extra 50 photos.

Do I have to completely fill up my select?

No, but it makes sense and it is suggested you use all available slots in your select for later voting/betting.

Can I make changes in my select?

During browsing through the photos in a contest and choosing them to your select it is easy to unselect them just by clicking/tapping them again, however once you submit them to your select you can only make changes for credits, whether it is unselecting one single photo or resetting whole select.


Can I vote in a contest where I don't have any photos of my own?

Yes you can and it is also strongly suggested because you have more chances to get high score in voting part of your total score. It may help you to move up in the overall leaderboard.

Why should I vote for other photos?

A part of the game is also the evaluation of your opponents. The more votes you bet on good photos, the more points you can get and they will be included in the overall leaderboard score.

How many votes can I give to selected photos?

You have 100 votes that you can divide between selected photos. The maximum number of votes for one photo is 5.

Do I have to vote for each selected photo?

No, selected photos serve as a narrow selection. In this selection you can then choose how many votes to give to each photo.

Why would I give some photos more than 1 vote?

When voting, you actually bet 1,2,3,4 or 5 votes on the best photos. If the photo places well and if you gave it many votes, more points you can win.

Do I have to give all the votes?

You don't have to give all the votes, however but by not giving out all of your available votes, you might lose some precious points in the final score.

What is the best strategy to bet.

There are 3 main strategies. Pick best 20 photos in your select and give them 5 votes each, or spread your votes evenly in between all photos in your select, or start with the best ones to give them 5 votes and then those that deserve 4 in your opinion, then 3, 2 and 1. In case you want to get Safe Bet award, you have to have 100 photos in your select and bet 1 vote on each.


How to report a photo?

If you feel like the photo is not meeting the requirements of contest or you find it inappropriate or offensive, you can report it by clicking/tapping the flag.


What are credits for?

Credits can be used to upload extra photos to the contest, or reset voted photos, buy extra slots in your select, buy other extras, enter our paid only contests etc.

How can I get credits?

You receive some free credits upon signing up. You can also buy credits or get them as a reward for good placing in the contest.

Awards and badges

What awards and badges are available and how to get them?

All awards are explained HERE


What is the scoreboard?

Scoreboard is your score statistics from past contests that you participated in.

What does a leaderboard mean for each competition?

The leaderboard is the final comparison of the players within specific contest, where you can see how you ended up compared to the others.

What is the overall leaderboard?

It's the leaderboard based on every contestant's 10 best scores in all past contests.

Why are only 10 best scores considered?

It's the best way to guarantee that everybody can get to Top 100 overall leaderboard no matter if competed in only 10 or several hundreds of contests. Otherwise those competing for long time would be impossible to catch or beat.

Do I loose my score if I take a break from playing for longer time?

No, your total high score for your best 10 contests will stay the same and you can only improve it by reaching more points in next contests.

Exclusive competitions

What is an exclusive competition?

Special independent voluntary contest either with free entry or with small entry fee. The prizes are financial and the score does not count in our regular contests. Our overall leaderboard does not reflect the results of exclusive competitions.

Can I use credits to enter an exclusive contest?

Yes you can! The amount of credits you have to spend will be specified for each photo entry within exclusive contest. Some entries might be free.

Rights and ownership

Will Captain Focus sell my pictures?

Captain Focus will not sell your images to another third party.

Will I retain all rights to the images I submit to CF?

Yes, you maintain full ownership and copyright of any and all photos you submit. Your photos will not become a public domain. Captain Focus might only display them on Captain Focus website and Captain Focus social media. That would happen i.e. if you win a competition or if we find your photo very interesting and worth displaying. Your name/nickname would also be displayed as we want to show who the author of that awesome shot is.