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Photo of Delightful
  • 1st place "Perspective in Photography"
  • DelightfulDelightful
Photo of 50ivan
  • 2nd place "Perspective in Photography"
  • 50ivan50ivan
Photo of Annie Newfie
  • 3rd place "Perspective in Photography"
  • Annie NewfieAnnie Newfie
Photo of Stanislav Majan
  • 4th place "Perspective in Photography"
  • Stanislav MajanStanislav Majan
Photo of HuuuGo
  • 5th place "Perspective in Photography"
  • HuuuGoHuuuGo
Photo of bedazrak
  • 1st place "Brick, Stone, Mud"
  • bedazrakbedazrak
Photo of fredericconsejo
  • 2nd place "Brick, Stone, Mud"
  • fredericconsejofredericconsejo
Photo of Kalinox
  • 3rd place "Brick, Stone, Mud"
  • KalinoxKalinox
Photo of ZlyIgnac
  • 4th place "Brick, Stone, Mud"
  • ZlyIgnacZlyIgnac
Photo of SMX15
  • 5th place "Brick, Stone, Mud"
  • SMX15SMX15
Photo of carlomaestro
  • 1st place "Antique Things"
  • carlomaestrocarlomaestro
Photo of ianthill60
  • 2nd place "Antique Things"
  • ianthill60ianthill60
Photo of JCSantos
  • 3rd place "Antique Things"
  • JCSantosJCSantos
Photo of Pewpewsauce
  • 4th place "Antique Things"
  • PewpewsaucePewpewsauce
Photo of Octopus
  • 5th place "Antique Things"
  • OctopusOctopus

Photography Categories – Types of Photography

  • Landscape Photography
    If you love photography and have the tendency to stop and look at the beautiful scenery around you and freeze nature in one picture, you are definitely a type of photographer interested in the type of photography called landscape photography.
  • Wildlife Photography
    The genre of photography that focuses on animals and their natural habitat is called wildlife photography. Animal behaviors in wild are also capture by wildlife photographer. Mostly these pictures are captured to be printed in journals or exhibitions. Many people practice this type of photography. Apart from a good camera, several lens, strong flashlight, you need patience to click the right picture.
  • Aerial photography
    Aerial photography is that kind of photography where pictures are captures from a higher altitude such as planes, air balloons, parachutes and skyscrapers. These pictures provide a larger view of the subject and its background.
  • Sports / Action Photography
    This genre of photography specializes in capturing a decisive moment in an event of sports. Sports photography is one of the difficult types of photography. It requires practice along with the various equipments.
  • Portrait Photography
    One of the oldest types of photography is portrait photography. It can range from shooting your family members to friends to pets. It is often called portraiture and this type of photographer abounds.
  • Architectural PhotographyThis type of photography deals with taking shots of structures, houses and buildings from different angles. The main purpose of architectural photography is to create a positive impact on potential real estate buyers.
  • Wedding Photography/Event Photography
    It is said that a newcomer in professional photography begins his/her career by practicing a wedding or event photography. But that does not mean that this type of photographer does not require and any skill. A person dealing in this type of photography has to be an expert in portraiture and extremely good editing skills. The demand for wedding photography or event photography is more.
  • Fashion Photography
    Fashion photography captures models in a glamorous light display fashion items such as clothes, shoes and other accessories. This type of photography is conducted mostly for advertisements and fashion magazines.
  • Macro Photography
    Macro photography is that type of photography in which pictures are shot at a closer range to showcase the details of the subject matter. The interesting subjects of macro photography are flowers, insects, textures of interwoven things such as sweaters, baskets etc.
  • Baby Photography/Family Photography
    Baby/family photography is another popular type of photography. Baby/family photography is conducted when a family is blessed with a newborn. The different expressions of a baby as well as along with the family members are captured in this type of photography. The whole family comes together to freeze one moment in time in this type of photography.
  • Abstract Photography
    Abstract photography is often compared to abstract art as it also focuses on the shape, pattern, color, form, and texture. The subject of abstract photography is generally second to be viewed as the impact of the aspects surrounding the subject convey the essence of the image in most cases.
  • Beauty Photography
    Beauty photography focuses on bringing out the real beauty of the subjects and requires great talent and skill from the photographer. In order to capture the best beauty photographs, the proper combination of light along with complete trust and imagination from both the photographer and the model are absolutely essential.
  • Bird Photography
    Bird photography is one of the oldest and most popular types of photography that has been pursued by both amateur and skilled professionals. Bird photography requires extreme patience and skill on the part of the photographers as these feathered creatures are extremely moody in maintaining their position and pose.
  • Black And White Photography
    The trend of capturing pictures in black and white is popular even today as it helps to bring out the natural beauty of the subjects. This type of photography makes extensive use of contrasts and shadows to give the pictures a realistic and beautiful look.
  • Bodyscape Photography
    Bodyscape photography is the art of clicking images of nude human subjects in a manner that is not erotic yet is mesmerizing. This type of photography is generally carried out in black and white in a environment where the natural elements can be easily integrated into the pictures.
  • Candid Photography
    Candid photography comprises of pictures clicked in completely natural states of the subjects without any prior preparedness. This type of photography is increasingly becoming popular not only during social events and special occasions, but for general images as well as it helps in capturing the uniqueness and magic of the moment.
  • Conceptual Photography
    Conceptual photography is all about presenting a concept or an idea present in the mind of the photographer to other people only through the medium of photographs. This type of photography is generally used in advertising, where a picture helps in reiterating an idea, a tagline or a catchphrase for a product or service.
  • Firework Photography
    As the name indicates, Firework photography deals with clicking images of the beautiful firework display especially at night. This type of photography is relatively easy and can be carried on with a normal camera. These images, when clicked in a proper manner are quite majestic and appealing for the viewers.
  • Food Photography
    Food photography is the art of clicking images of various food items in manner that makes it immediately appealing to the viewers. The food photographers need to pay attention to not only the proper arrangement of the food but also the context in which it is to be presented to get the best shots.
  • Forced Perspective Photography
    This type of photography uses optical illusion to make an object look closer or farther or bigger or smaller than it actually is. The photography manipulates the visual perception of human eye to create fun images that easily attract viewers besides conveying important information in some cases.
  • HDR Photography
    HDR photography is one of the most creative types of photography and requires extreme skill on part of the photographers. It is created by blending three different types of pictures into a single picture that highlights the amazing contrast of the individual images to create a truly appealing look.
  • Hi Speed Photography
    High speed photography is the art of capturing the images of events that take place at a rapid pace. It is an extremely exciting and somewhat complicated type of photography that enables photographers to depict the very fast phenomenon one frame at a time and thus highlight their beauty.
  • Infrared Photography
    This photography is generally used as a means of exploring the unseen aspects within an environment, by the photographers. The images are clicked using special equipment that is sensitive to the infrared light and not the visible light spectrum that helps them to see objects normally.
  • Lomo Photography
    This is special genre of photography in which the pop images are captures using the quirky cameras manufactured by an Austrian company called Lomo. Lomo photography is considered to be a spontaneous and candid brand of photography carried out with technically poor cameras.
  • Long Exposure Photography
    This genre of photography adds magical effects to the pictures, which is why it is often associated with fine art photography. It is carried out using a long duration shutter speed that helps to capture the stationary elements of an image in a sharp manner while adjusting the moving ones.
  • Micro Photography
    This is a special genre of photography, wherein the images are clicked with the help of a microscope. Micro photography plays an important role in medical research for understanding the physical traits and features of organisms that are too small to be seen by naked eye.
  • Mobile Photography
    This genre of photography came into existence when cameras were first integrated into mobile phones. Today it is one of the most popular types of photography especially in view of the fact that mobile phone cameras today offer the precision and clarity of professional equipment.
  • Modeling Photography
    This genre of photography is related to clicking pictures of professional models for promotion of various products and services. This type of photography is mostly used by business organizations for brand establishment and is carried out by professional photographers from this specific niche.
  • Nature Photography
    Natural photography comprises of pictures of nature as viewed from the eyes of the photographer. Contrary to what many people believe, nature photography is not only restricted to capturing the images of trees and plants, but rather includes any outdoor natural aspect including hills, water bodies and even the sky.
  • Night Photography
    Contrary to what most people think, night presents and unique beauty and challenge for photographers. Night photography not only offers n entirely different perspective of things but also provides a great depth of colors that further enhances the magic and mystery of clicking images at night.
  • Nude Photography
    Nude photography is a genre of fine art photography in which the subjects are generally in a nude or semi-nude position. Also popular by the name of erotic photography, the images clicked under this genre focus on the aesthetic qualities of the subject, including its form, emotional aspect and composition.
  • Panoramic Photography
    Also known as wide format photography, the panoramic photography is used to capture images with an elongated field of view. Multiple pictures are first clicked with the help of an appropriate camera and then edited with the help of special software to align them together to create a fascinating picture.
  • Past And Present Photography
    This type of photography is generally use for presenting the past and present images in a comparative manner. The images taken over a period of time are presented side by side with the subject positioned similarly within the same surroundings.
  • Rain Photography
    Even though rain is considered a hindrance for capturing amazing pictures, some photographers take up the challenge of turning this aspect into an asset. Rain photography enables photographers to unleash their creativity in one of the most challenging environments and present the beauty of this natural phenomenon.
  • Rainbow Photography
    Rainbows are one of the most beautiful aspects of nature and capturing their unique beauty through their camera is a special skill possessed only by expert rainbow photographers. This type of photography is used to enhance the mesmerizing appeal of the rainbows by clicking their images in an enchanting backdrop.
  • Real Estate Photography
    With the ever increasing competition in the real estate sector, the trend of real estate photography is fast catching up as a mean to attract prospective clients. This photography is generally utilized by real estate agents and developers to highlight the specific features of a property for buyers to investors.
  • Reflection Photography
    Reflection photography is extremely challenging and can be carried out only by professional photographers having a thorough understanding of angles, perspectives and various other factors. When carried out in a proper manner, this type of photography can provide stunning results in the form of visually enchanting images.
  • Satellite Photography
    Satellite photography is used for capturing the images of the earth and other celestial objects from the orbit. This type of photography is generally used for conducting geographical surveys or capturing the images of the results of global warming and observation of any other such geological effects.
  • Still Life Photography
    Still life photography is best defined as the art of clicking pictures of immovable subjects. This forms a broad spectrum as it includes various other genres of photography including flower and food photography in addition to pictures of animals and people as well.
  • Storm Photography
    While storms are generally considered to be disastrous and dangerous, they can look extremely beautiful when captured by a skilled storm photographer. Storm photographers can generate a sense of awe, fear and respect for this strong force of nature all at the same time through the images captured by them.
  • Stock Photography
    Stock photography is generally carried out for clicking generic images that are meant to be distributed amongst other people. These images are mostly used in projects or for propagation material such a brochures, pamphlets etc and do not require any special skill or use of any kind of sophisticated equipments.
  • Street Photography
    Street photography is generally use to reflect the everyday life trends prevalent in the society and is used for showing a mirror to the people. In most cases the images that comprise street photography are considered ironic and distanced from the subject in some manner.
  • Sunrise/Sunset Photography
    This type of photography involves capturing mesmerizing images of the rising and setting sun. These pictures are generally clicked from the peak of a hill or top of a high rise building that provides a clear view of the sky and enables the photographers to capture the beauty of the phenomena.
  • Tilt Shift Photography
    This is one of the latest additions to the different types of photography and is also popular as miniature faking photography. The name is derived from the fact that the image of any real world scene is edited to make it look like a miniature, either optically or by using a special lens.
  • Time Lapse Photography
    This is the type of photography that is used for capturing the subjects while they are in motion. To get the best shots, photographers practicing this type of photography need to have the patience and the skill to shoot the subjects at different time intervals in a continuous manner.
  • Travel Photography
    This type of photography is generally used for showcasing the beauty or important features of specific locations. This is one of the most exciting types of photography as photographers can enjoy the life and culture of different locations while capturing the images with their camera.
  • Underwater Photography
    As the name indicates, this type of photography involves capturing pictures underwater with the help of water tight camera housing. The photographers need to spend a good time exploring the depths of water to capture the unique beauty of nature hidden below the seemingly calm water surface.
  • Urban/ Industrial Photography
    As the name indicates, this genre of photography focuses on capturing the images of urban landscapes and industrial sectors and elements. This genre of photography is generally used for the purpose of visual record keeping of the various urban and industrial sectors.
  • Vehicle Photography
    Vehicle Photography is the art of clicking beautiful and amazing pictures of vehicles. It usually requires the photographers to capture the finer details of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle from different angles, as these images are generally used for promotion of the automobile by highlighting its features.
  • Vintage Photography
    This type of photography is chosen to click images that are meant to retain an aged look. In the recent years there has been a significant growth in the demand for vintage photography as these images hold a unique charm and appeal that makes them truly classic.
Photography competitions are a great way for photographers to take their skills to the next level and learn from other professional photographers in the process. A photography competition is a contest where photographers submit their photos and the best one wins. It has three types: photo competitions, photo contests, and photo awards. For some people, photography is just a hobby. For others, it's their profession. And for others, it's not just what they do - it's who they are. Welcome to the Photography Competition. Here you will have the chance to showcase your talent and creativity on a global stage. No matter what your skill level is, you will find something for you in this competition!